What a Bright Idea

So since some of my lovely readers are courageous enough to experiment with bright colors for my contest, I did a look as well.

Today is the last day to submit entries. I will wake up tomorrow and post the rules for voting as well as all the entries. As always, a new contest will be up on July 1.

Now - as I always say - I love bright colors. As soon as warm weather creeps into the forecast, all colorful wonders break loose.

a look to wear during the day :) a small mea culpa for crappy lighting

Then I wanted something really bright for my own contest. I got the perfect lightbulb over my head when I saw this nail polish display at Ricky's for Mattese. Doesn't it look like here's a polish missing from the side?

Anyway! The look is lemon lime green and nothing in between!

Me and my crazy curly self.

I decided to let the debris and fall away in this makeup look stay b/c I thought it looked super duper fancy. lol! In the pics it looks messy - but really... who cares? I have fun when I want to, b/c I'll Be My Own Judge!!!

Naturally that wasn't the end of it. Remember when Mehron did leopard print eyes at the NYC Makeup Show? Well I tried that too.

Last but not least, here's what I used:

40 color palette
Maybelline Last Blast Mascara in Black
MUFE Lipstick in 406
MAC Select Cover-Up in NW20

MAC Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche

(I used these for both looks btw - except no lipstick in the first look) also - for the leopard print eyes, I just used a nameless liquid eyeliner in black... nothing spiffy

You still have time to submit your entry!


  • love the colors :)

  • Hot stuff yaya. You know, in my mind I still see you as a drag queen ;) Haha, I guess that's cuz it's the first time I saw your face and now I'll always see you like that (it's a good thing)! Great look tho, love it.

  • I have the same palette! I love the colors it has! In fact, I made a post about it on my blog.. you can also try the Urban Decay Primer Potion, so they can look even brighter! like your blog, a lot! I will follow you! :) Good Luck!
    (sorry if my english is not very correct ;)

  • gravatar M

    bright and beautiful!

  • @sherry - thanks!

    @makeup mama - lol i always wanted to be remembered as a drag queen imposter lol

    @angeles - thank you so much for the support - i love this palette a lot too - i had to get the 120 color one b/c it had more shades

    @M - thanks my dear :)

  • gravatar B

    That green is insaaaane!

  • I love your leopard print eyes. The spots look so perfect. I didn't realize you did leopard print eyes cause I kinda did the same for your bright makeup contest! I don't have spots all over the eye though.. just on the corners cause I didn't know where to start & finish & if I should take it all the way up to the brow bone, lol. I e-mailed you with the link to my contest.. it's on my blog :)

  • Hi sweetie,

    I love your lipstick shade! The color looks great on you :D


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