Another Award!/Sephora Trip

Another award from valiohh!

Thanks girl! I would write another 10 things about me... but I'm getting my Swag Attack post ready, so I'll just redirect ya here.


Today was interesting. I got this e-mail from Sephora this past Weds & decided I couldn't pass up free samples w/o a purchase and a makeover. Really - this was the one to-do for the day - get my tush to Sephora before 6pm! When I got there, the line for makeovers were hefty but you didn't have to wait to get samples. So I did. (and fyi: I got my fave cashier to pony up another one instead of my 100 pt bonus sample - which I will be giving away in one goody bag in my contest - don't forget to sign up!)

This is what I got:

Sorry I didn't post about it sooner ladies/gents of the jury. I have yet to master blogging via iPhone...

Did you get to go?


  • gravatar Rai

    Love free stuff! I didn't go get it. We don't have a Sephora here.
    But once our JcPenny re-opens we will! I'm so excited!!!

    And about the drag queen entry, look under 'upcoming posts' for a link.

  • i wish there was a sephora in seoul! that way i could stock up on goodies hehe

  • Once I got the iphone it really helped out so much. I would insert the pic at home or something, then write the post while traveling to work. I click the Edit HTML section and the keyboard pops right up to allow me to type. It doesn't always pop up when I'm on the comppose tab...oh well hope that helps.
    I have never tried products from Skyn, how was the sample?

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