Sunrise, Sunset

La Mer Collection Sunrise/Sunset
As I sat at my laptop marveling at the beautiful scenery all around the new watch collection on La Mer Collection's website, I kept singing Fiddler on the Roof's Sunrise Sunset (and though the characters in the song sing about people getting older and time flying, I thought the same about having done nothing for the day and it being past midnight).
La Mer Collection Sunrise/Sunset
The site is super user friendly, allowing you to preview what the watch would look like, while simulating the background (all tropical and worry free, in case you were wondering - no rain or work there!). Your time and numerous time zones are listed in the top left corner, as the narrative scrolls below.

The super affordable watches ($48) are perfect for summer (or mom!), with a band that's of a comfortable enough material to withstand the heat without frying your wrist or peeling off a layer of skin. Plus - whether you're like me and sweat like a nervous tick from the lightest activity, or you're a sports fan (or fanatic...), the watch lets you sweat it all out without ruin.
La Mer Collection Sunrise/Sunset
Night (you can tell what time I was drafting this!)
La Mer Collection Sunrise/Sunset
La Mer Collection Sunrise/Sunset
La Mer Collection Sunrise/Sunset

Which part of the day are you? Night owl? Morning person?

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