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MyOwnJudge - Rachel Roy Macys
It is unclear what makes one month that much more special than others, but May by far has taken the cake. It brought some long lasting warm weather, flowers, get togethers, sales, the end of school (for me), and many more. The credit can't go all to May, but I feel like it deserves some credit.

The Makeup Show is one of the great events coming up (this Sunday and Monday! you coming?), and I'm giddy. It comes once a year to New York, and beyond the shopping and close proximity to the beauty industry extravaganza, it's also a great time to meet ladies from all over the east coast (and even internationally) that fashionably arrive for the event. I've had my share of being stood up with style choices (I often aim for comfort because I'm familiar with my shopping habits and knack for carrying far too much on these here shoulders), so I made a quick visit to Macy's to get a leg up. The accessories counters are fantastico. Maybe it's my shopping diet, maybe it's my recent need to clean out my unnecessary belongings, but everything looked so darn cute. The start player? Rachel Roy! I still tried to remain faithful to some sort of budget, so I kept the trip short and stuck to earrings. Let me know which catch your eye.
MyOwnJudge - Rachel Roy Macys
MyOwnJudge - Rachel Roy Macys
MyOwnJudge - Rachel Roy Macys

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