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Graphic USAOften times, the holidays bring out the most boring in our personalities. What should we get our loved ones? I say ones because in my household, everyone is everyone else's Valentine. It's like the second, pink coming of Channuka and Christmas in the household. While you may be wondering if a gift card or a bottle of perfume or cologne will rock your love's socks, I look for an interesting small gift my grandmother could cherish and not bug me about what it might have cost me.

If you have a beau with a traveling bug (or aspirations to), they'll be the first to tell you that travel always rocks when you can find the spots on the less traveled roads, without befriending (or running from) sketchy characters lurking in the dark alleyways of Sherlock Holmes' days. Graphic USA is just that, on paper. Except here, twenty five countries get a makeover as well. You get two for the price of one - one half graphic artist genius, other half town savant with the "connection" to all the right places to visit before you run back to work on Monday.

ISBN 978-0-9562053-2-2
Flexibound, 6.5 x 8.5 inches, 272 pages, 350 color
U.S. $30.00 CDN $33.00
Published by Cicada Books

How do you choose/gift shop for a Valentine?

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