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MyOwnJudgeChanging colors are what brought me to the Broadway Nails brand, and after one experience is a success, it is always wise to check out what else the company has to offer you and let the friendship develop. (p.s. speaking of friendship - if you check out the brand on Facebook and hit 'Like' - or Twitter, and they'll give you a coupon!)

A fresh take on the french tip, I chose a silver accented design with rhinestones thrown in for good measure (from the divine collection - this one is called 'dreamy'). A perfect prelude for a holiday party.

My first experience with the color changing nails had me try on both the adult version, and the one marketed more towards younger consumers. The changing tip design was for adults, whereas the polka dots was aimed more to the tween crowd (though I love my fair share of polka dots). The latter set was a bit narrower for the nails, and though cute, didn't look seamless by the end of the application (the first - color changing tips - was great in fit). The short length I chose this time proved no problem in the width or length of my nails. Keep in mind though, there are folks with longer nails who might have trouble with this size and may need to opt for a longer design.

Pretty simple. Check out the site for more application tips and tricks.
A complaint I had when trying these the first time was the packaging for the glue ended up as a mess while attempting to open it. I either missed the memo then, or it was fixed by now, because it had a simple and easy twist off perforation at the time. This saved mucho time, and maintained the packaging.
The design is super cute without being too sweet. Great for work, with just enough attitude for the holiday party and beyond.
The designs came out great. The most common question? I didn't have that many bubbles under the nails either. I think the cream color of the nail has some kind of frosting from the inside to prevent it from looking so ghastly - or I'm just babbling :).
The nails were longer than I have ever grown my own to be, so it was a fun time pretending these were what I had. Classmates and coworkers seemed to have been convinced I had acrylic nails done, and who was I to correct them?

When was the last time you rocked faux nails?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.


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