Eye Am Powder Puff

Selena Gomez has joined the ranks of all the celebs with the powder snafus. She had some extra white powder under her eyes at the 2010 Style Awards in New York this past Sunday. Generally, powder is used under the eyes to catch eyeshadow fallout and to add a lighter shade to under the eyes. When done with all makeup, the powder is usually brushed away.

My terrible experiences with makeup application have taught me to do the eyes first and then use a makeup remover wipes to clear up the mess and continue with the rest of the face. If you choose to do powder, don't just settle at brushing it away. Use a foundation sponge to press in some of your regular color (since the powder is a lighter shade), the lightness of the powder will blend with your shade and have a median shade.

Not into the equations and mixing colors? Take a photo with flash right before you leave. If you can, change the settings to be a brighter flash than usual to find all the errors. When I do that, I find that all my magical work with bronzer and blush is unseen, and I usually swipe on an extra layer or two.

What's your secret?


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