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MyOwnJudgeBronzers are the perfect addition to any makeup collection year round. When it is warm, you can use it to fake a tan (being that we're all slathered in SPF and hiding in the shade - well I am!), or brushing on some during the colder months to fool coworkers into thinking you took the weekend to have Tahiti adventures.

Personally, my secret has been to apply bronzer lightly instead of blush. It adds a tint to the skin reminiscent of a tan, and adds angles and shadows where needed. If you check out videos on Youtube, you'll also see that you can add bronzer on each side of the nose to add shadow and slim it out (if that's the look you're going for). The technique is most helpful to mavens with round faces, much like myself.

A bronzer is very multifunctional. You can use it all over the face, as a blush, or to define angles when contouring. For the best effects, you can even use two different shades; one for all over and one to contour with.

I decided to try out some more drugstore brand bronzers as I started to hit the pan on my more expensive shades. The first on the list was the Milani Tantastic face and body bronzer.

The packaging swivels out to the side to reveal a baked bronzer with golden, bronze, and pearl shades swirling together. If you're anything like me, the packaging will confuse you for a bit.
The bottom opens up to reveal a flat and wide brush, but most helpful is the mirror. You can remove the ingredient sticker on the bottom to have a clear mirror, or peek through it to do makeup on the go.
How it looks on the skin:
The top of the swatch is blended and the square slice is untouched.

It seems to be less for everyday and more for show and maybe body. It has a bit of a gold-like finish to it and the shimmer seems of a larger size than regular pressed powder. This would be perfect to brush on your shins you elongate the leg during summers and add shine. Verdict is still out though, on how it will fare on the face.

Have you tried this?


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