Green Queens

It's not just the environment that is waiting for everyone to go green - the dresses are patiently waiting too! A fresh color for the fall/winter wardrobe comes in a variety of shades - take olive, bright green, pastel, or a mix of green and blue as just a few examples. Then of course, we have to consider that this is one of those colors to flatter all skin types and body shapes. It has now entered the purple and black group.

Check out celebs Olivia Munn, Rose McGowan, Monica Cruz (yes Penelope's sister) and the Hilton sisters strut their stuff in green at various functions this November.

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If you want to break out some green for your holiday camera screen (sorry I just had to make it rhyme), remember that the cold weather cannot get you down. Don some opaque black leggings (or even yellow or turquoise if you dare) with booties or heels and a jacket. When you relinquish your outerwear, the crowd will surely ooh and ahh as if you are the holly straight off the tree. Don't have any of the sort? Check out the below selection to get your shopping cart rolling (they're all under $50 to take into mind your holiday shopping list needs).
All the above looks are below $50 and each image is linked to the appropriate retailer. Anything catch your eye? Let me know!

Do you have anything green in your closet to rock for the holidays?

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