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MyOwnJudge - Last Call with Carson Daly

Most nights you can find me awake way past midnight on the east coast wandering around the world wide web. Sometimes the wander is with determination and an endpoint in sight, but usually, it's the prequel to the morning "I don't know what took me until four am to wrap up" excuses.

Today as I took a chance at crochet (my hand is cramped but I got a couple of rows looking all purrty like!) I was watching all the late night shows, Jimmy Fallon had an all too funny game of "water war" with Chris Meloni and darling Chloe Moretz appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly.
MyOwnJudge - Last Call with Carson Daly

The girl (she's thirteen!), recently famous for her role in Kick-Ass was sporting the cutest striped zip up jacket with strong shoulders and ribbed sleeve accents. The collar was a dark black as well. I was swooning throughout the whole interview. Check out after the jump for some cute striped jackets to mimic the look and the interview. She even mentions the Biebs!

All the items in the look are clickable. Which one is your favorite? To make the look less stuffy, pair it with jeans and a tee, just like Miss Chloe.


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