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I am working on making my summer a bit more memorable with every year. This year, my summer started with a hitch as I was taken underwater with my temporary job.The hours and the workload worked well together to keep me complaining, working, catching up on sleep, and bills.

For some people that's not a problem, as a matter of fact, it is a way of life. But for little Miss Yaya? Doesn't work! I am the type to brood and whine until things change.

Funny you mention wine...

Known for their wine tasting trips and Girl's and Beauty Nights Out, Shecky's is back with Toasts and Tastings. A night out for wine and food tastings from restaurants and brands all alike in being scrum-diddly-umptious :). The event is going on tonight and tomorrow night from 5-10pm, at the Altman building on 135 E18th St, between 6th and 7th Avenues. I will be attending tomorrow and hope to see you there!

Shecky's Toasts and TastingsThe tickets were originally selling for $45, but of course I got the discount for you. If you enter 'SHECKYS' your tickets will be $35. It usually doesn't pay to be tardy to the party, but this time it does! Once you sign up with the site, you will also get points for attending events and keeping an up to date profile. What will the points get you? Awesome freebies varying from goodie bags to tickets to various Shecky's events.

I'm super excited and will come back with all the delicious feedback and news. Will I see you there?

Have you ever been to a wine/food tasting?


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