Spring Nails Bloom

MOJ Maybelline Pastel NOTDI remember when having a different color on each nail was a funky mani revolution of a trend not a year or so ago. I never got on the wagon because I could never get the right colors together, and doing a gradation took too much effort on my part (raise your hand if you're lazy lol). That all changed as soon as I went on my drugstore escapades and found the new spring collections available for mass purchase. I picked up some of the limited edition pastel Maybelline polishes and had a bright idea to use them all at once last night. I will be getting a Calgel makeover within hours, but who cares, right? I have so much polish, I should be wearing different colors every several hours!

I will be swatching these again to show you how they look alone soon. These are the only four colors I got from the collection, there are some variations of pink and an orange that I didn't get, because... well... I wanted something new, ya know?

As I was taking photos, I realized the perfect background would be my fuzzy pastel-ish bathrobe. This is the garment that keeps me warm and makes a Sunday morning so awesome.

without flash
with flash

I'm totally digging it. How about you? Have you tried something funky with your nails? Liking the Maybelline spring pastels?


  • gravatar IMM

    I love all the colors!

  • I love all the colours! Very spring like and pretty!

  • I think Pie in the Sky looks a lot like Orly's Snowcone, but I'd have to see the two side-by-side to be sure.

    How did you find the application of these? I've heard not so good things about the brushes, on Minty in particular.

  • @IMM thanks! They are such happy colors to look at

    @steelnpurple - agreed! I don't know why people keep saying pastel is out for spring - pastel IS spring!! :)

    @whateveramber - I don't know if I have that Orly color to compare, will check if I do. I found the application to be a bit watery but manageable after two coats (which is what I used). They would probably be best with three. All of them in this bunch start the first coat super thin. Maybe they're getting ready to go swimming in the summer lol!

  • REALLY digging those colors! Just might need to check 'em out ;-)

  • I just picked up the bright tangerine color, love it so much. The display was pretty bare, i didn't see any of these colors or i would have definitely got the minty green one!

  • All of the colors are looking great! I love the Pink Sophistication and Goody Plum Drop the most!

  • omg im buying those!!!

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