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MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion WeekTardy is the kindest word that I can attach to my timing in regards to Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Here's the catch up (and if the following schedule of posts is too many too often for y'all, let me know!).

I got the ball rolling during the actual Fashion Week by doing a guest post for Miss Brittany over at Clumps of Mascara about the Vessel by Lois runway presentation, and trust me when I say that I could've went to just that first show and would have heard all the buzzwords and trends right away.

Image Credit: Style.com

With scheduling and location conflicts for many shows, you try to make one person act like as many clones at one time as possible. Want to know a true story? There were two shows going on within an hour of each other and next door to each other. I went to the first show to cover the backstage prepwork, snuck out through the side staircase (no one could leave because they were doing a test run of the show), ran around the block (with a camera, notepad, and no jacket), only to go into another show, cover the backstage prepwork there, only to return to the first show to catch the runway, and then back to the second. I probably would've attempted a lot more fashion herculean tasks similar to this if they were closer together, but that was not the case.

So of course, it is with great sadness that I admit to you that I only got to see Toni's backstage prepwork and not the runway show. Too bad too, because the dresses were phenomenal. The collection was a bit broken in half with soft, sheer fabric in shades of gray, and some dark pieces, with black and gold. Check out all the runway photos from the show here.

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

For this show, MAC provided the cosmetic creations, Zoya for nails, and hair was styled by the peeps from Cutler Hair Salons.

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

The look? A feminine, ethereal, "all about gold" theme. Once you look at the line, you'll notice that the makeup matches the collection well.

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

Head makeup artist for the show, Dhai Naidu (pictured above) was swearing up and down the prep area that the item to buy from the fall brand collection is called 'Hang Loose.' The artists used Studio Moisture Tint foundation to cover up blemishes, but still keep the girls looking real; showing their real skin, freckles and all.

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

The polish colors were berry much in tune with autumnal shades, breaking out the berries (did ya catch the berry before?), and of course some glitterin' gold. The colors used were Sloane, Nova, Casey, and Richelle. Sunshine, the head nail artist for the team had some test swatches with various combinations of colors ready before each girl got set up with her color. Some gals rocked a single blinged out finger with berry on the rest. Nothing new for us beauty junkies, no? But I did love the pink glitter and the creamy gold. Such a switch for the colors, right?!

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

The hair was sleek and neat, usually arranged in buns with gold threads, sequins, and applique dipping in and out of strands. The hair team used Cutler Volumizer Spray, along with Redken Workforce '09. I was most impressed with the closeups of the hair (tell me you're not!).

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

My favorite images captured on my camera for the day were the box of hair sequins above, and this one here:

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

I'm sure anyone who had one person handling hair, nails, and makeup each, could get ready just as quickly as these gals! (And don't we all wish for a round the clock entourage that would help?)

How did this show strike you? Any favorite pieces yet?



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