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MOJ VDay NOTDHey there stranger. Oh wait. Me? Oh right! I've been gone from the blogosphere for three days. Please direct all comments and complaints to whoever creates viruses, Verizon and Best Buy. My home PC caught a mega virus that wiped basically the whole computer out. Thankfully I have a laptop though, right? Wrong. My DSL service refuses to connect to my laptop. What about Wifi? Hmm. Well the new laptop came with a new wireless router... so you'd think if the laptop came with Windows 7, the router would be able to work with that system? Nope. Not so. What is it that happens then? I have to travel around the city in between fashion shows to catch a signal and try to blog and tweet in those intervals. (p.s. toting around a laptop when you're already lugging paperwork and cameras and chargers is not. cute. Not at all.) I have been tempted to travel to a 24 hours McDonald's or Starbucks at 3am just to get some work done, but decided to get sleep instead. But enough about me. As you ponder about how you will forgive me, check out my faboo (even if I say so myself) NOTD for Valentine's Day out of two China Glaze colors.


left no flash, right with flash


I tried to do a variety of polka dots. On my thumb is free hand with the brush. On my middle finger, I used a medium-large dotting tool and on my pinky a smaller one. I did some funky design on the index finger and added some silver as a tip on the ring finger (just 'cause I don't have the ring yet, doesn't mean I'm exempt from the bling!), and as an accent on the rest. I got the silver polish amongst the nail art polishes at my local beauty supply store.


What's on your nails today?

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    How cute!! I didn't even do a V-Day nail look. I suck. You are rockin' out with the dotting tool. Perfecto!

  • Hey Doll! I'm a new follower! Love your Blog and love China GLAZE!! :)

    Just showing some love on your page, I'm a Newbie blogger you can check me out at www.suzannamansour.blogspot.com

    and we can also tweet away! www.twitter.com/Suzanna_Mansour
    XoXo, Suzanna

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