Order in the Court!

Mucho apologies from my side to yours. I have been under a cloud of no internet for the past two days and had no scheduled posts for your enjoyment.

What did I keep busy with? Hmm...

MOJ Packages

Might one of those be yours? (I have two bags full).

As I said to one of you lovelies on my Formspring (ask me questions any time!), the packages will be arriving before the end of this week or the beginning of the next! :)

As you can imagine... a load like this took up the bulk of my daytime hours pent up in a post office. I'm not whining - I love to send goodies across the globe! Just keeping y'all updated. :)

I've also been concocting new things for MOJ. What's coming up?

New series:
  • Order in the court! (scroll down to check out the first one)
  • How do you plead?
MOJ across the net (coming soon):
  • MOJ on Flickr
  • MOJ on Youtube!
And without any more suspense, here is Order in the Court!

A new series on MOJ, Order in the Court! is a peek into the future order of posts on MOJ (get it?). Inspired by Karen - founder and editor of www.makeupandbeautyblog.com (Don't know her yet? Check her out - she's awesome!), four photos will be shown at a time with an image from the post, without showing the brand or anything else. This way, you guys can know what's coming ahead, and try to guess what's next if you want!

My Own Judge - Order in the Court

Do you like this new series? What do you want to see on MOJ?


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