Konad Practice Makes Perfect

MOJ KonadDon't let the title of the post fool you. I am nowhere near perfect with my Konadicures. But I do believe that practice makes perfect by how much I have improved at stamping my nails.

And a word to the wise? If you are stamping a fresh mani, don't fool yourself into thinking that just because the top layer is dry, that the nail is dry enough to have a Konad stamp roll on it with the pressure that you choose. It's not. You'll be mad. I was!

For this Konadicure, I used a black polish and lots of holographic polishes as partners in crime. As promised in Order in the Court, here are the photos from my attempts at fabulosity.

The colors that were used are:
Eyeko Cosmic Nail Polish as base
China Glaze Wireless Holographic top coat (as top coat duh! :) )
Color Club Worth the Risque as the Konad color

MOJ - Konad MOJ - Konad

Left image is without flash and right is with flash.

I tried to do a gradient on my ring finger with the China Glaze top coat, but it was more wishful thinking than it was what I hoped. Any advice?

What do y'all think?


  • i think this makes your nails look soooooo beautiful. love this NOTD!

  • I love it, I don't think it's that bad! Pretty good actually. I can't wait until I get my hands on konad. :)

  • The gradient look kind of doesnt come out pretty over konadictures, instead try doing a konadicture over the gradient. To get a nice gradient apply at least 2 very thin coats with a sponge. Actually I did a tutorial about gradient look a while ago ;)

  • Wow. When I got my holographic top coat, I wasn't a fan but seeing how you used it makes me want to try it again. Great job on your nails!

  • gravatar B

    Very prettyful! Your konad skills are awesome. My nail beds are so long that most of the designs are too small for me. No freakin' fair.

  • Practice does make perfect. I just need to do it more. I got my package from you today. Thank you so much for the polish and other nice things. I can't wait to use the polish as it is my color. It will go on this weekend.

  • OO I love it! i really need to buy a kit but im overwhelmed with how much kits there are!

  • @ning star - thanks!

    @Chrissy - thanks. I keep getting a little more bold which each attempt. Did you order one yet, or still lemming?

    @Parisky - heading over to look for your tut!

    @gangstarr girl - yea it def makes everything a big more prettiful if you use it over the right colors

    @B - try the fauxnads or doing it in pieces!

    @Ramcrest - enjoy the prizes dolls!

    @Ms. Jenn - all you need is the basic and then whichever plates you want. A lot of polishes work equally great as the 'Konad' polishes

  • gravatar Anonymous

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