Have you tried a DIY project recently?

PhotobucketWhen something crosses my path too many times, it starts to become a mini obsession. Whether it is shopping, crafting, reading, etc. I end up doing it like a madman until I tire myself out and then the miscellaneous closet grows bigger and bigger. Are you the same way?

As I have mentioned before, large necklaces are everywhere. The it accessory trend of 2009, bib necklaces ushered in the mixed medium neckwear. Every time I spot one in a store I am tempted to buy one and each time the good ones are either out of my budget or aren't as good as I want them to be.

So I'm on a DIY kick.

I used eBay and took a quick trip to Michael's for some crafts and bought some jewelry at Forever 21 and $1 necklace/bracelet street vendors and am trolling the web for awesome tutorials. I think my first attempt will be with ribbon, as that is much easier than using metal, prying it apart and clipping it back together. I don't even know if I'm using the appropriate lingo. :)

Image credit: DeviantArt user bchurch

Check out the faves I found as inspiration:

Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Oh did I pique your interest?

Maybe some of these sites will give you a good start for the DIY bandwagon that I am clearly late to jump on:

Tutorial by Meagan. She also has great outfit posts and DIY everything else whenever the mood strikes.
This tutorial on craftzine.com is probably a high level tutorial. Looks super fancy. Want to make one now!!
Now this? Some ribbon and what could be a keychain holder - or a metal ring. M.I.S.S has the perfect tutorial here!
And an elegant pearl necklace tutorial at Style Me Pretty.

Have you done any DIY projects? Know a good tutorial? Let me know!


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