Shecky's & Style Fixx Girls Night Out Goodies

After letting y'all know I was headed out to all sorts of fancy events, you think I'd just leave you out in the cold without any info?! No no!

To maximize on time I ended up going to both events in one night with a galpal, and boy were we tired afterward!



I went to this event first because it was only a two day availability. The floor was packed with vendors vying for your business. The mix was a pleasant one of beauty and fashion, with beauties like Eve Pearl, Emmy award winning makeup artist, Kara Janx fashion designer from Project Runway, and many more.

Photobucket Photobucket
I went to the events after work and was present sans makeup. So I must've paled a bit next to Ever Pearl (left), and that's Kara on the right.

The bar had a fab selection of drinks (the event was 21+ after all!) and my favorite of the night was the X Rated Fusion Liquor Martini with passionfruit & mango flavoring in it.



This event was bigger than the first in many ways. The goody bag and the venue held a lot more companies, and this event lasted five total days (and is also available in more locations). There was teeth bleaching and beer tasting available, along with personalized cell phone covers, lingerie, etc.

The Verdict:
I honestly think both events are a must go. The Style Fixx event is newer in age and is thus growing in size and event locations. Both events have vendors I didn't hear of, and the only vendor they both had was hair strengthening services. If I had to choose one event to go to, I would sign up to be a Shecky's insider to get in for free with general admission and skip on the goody bag and pay for my StyleFixx ticket with goody bag.

Both events were extremely great at bringing brands that people weren't familiar with and had a great mix as I've mentioned previously. This isn't a pop up version of a mall y'all. If we are to support local businesses and find new things everyday, then these two Girl's Nights Out is where we need to be!


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