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Photobucket I don't often share such intimate details of my life, but now is the best time. For the past couple of weeks, I have been complaining of pains normally unfamiliar to a gal as young as I. I have been having some heart pains and my knees have expressed stress and pain as well. The vanity factor was gone. It was time to head back to the gym to reclaim my health.

So here's my confession: Within the past two and a half years I have gained 45 pounds. This is not cute y'all for many reasons.

  1. I am no longer the size I am comfortable at.
  2. The weight is an unnatural extra burden on my heart and knees.
  3. I stopped working out = out of shape!

Therefore, I'm doing it y'all! I'm joining the 50 Million Pound Challenge! I am hopping onto the bandwagon and joining the Mascara Mamas team headed by my gal Britt from Clumps of Mascara.


This is the homepage of the 50 Million Pound Challenge and Dr. Ian Smith's intro video. I found it funny that they digitally put his hand on the Join Now button just slightly wrong. :)

I'll be posting tips for losing weight and improving health habits and updating y'all with my extra pounds, so if you don't want to hear about it... too bad! :)


  • Hey girl, good luck on your mission! I have quite a few pounds I need to shed still from the baby and I'm finding it harder the second time around. I remember with my first baby my doctor told me that the reason my asthma got worse was cuz of all the extra weight and it's pushing down on my lungs...yikes. That woke me up! Thanks for sharing, it's motivation for me!

    PS. I'm saving up some goodies for you for a future get you back!

  • @Makeup Mama - I hear ya. For me, laziness can always trump vanity, but health just breaks out of there lol

  • Aweseome. Running will melt off those pounds ;D I'm rooting for you! I'm motivated now so going to head off to Pilates and pick up my exercise after a gruelling work week. We should go to a class together one day ;D

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