No, It's a Rental

PhotobucketIt's a true change in times when anyone can afford a $8000 handbag. Or at least think of purchasing it. The idea of said purchase is no longer left to the well off and hoity toity :). Interns at fashion publications sport the same luxury brand stunners on their arms, and feet as their superiors (not to mention paid superiors).

Some of it may be blamed on us turning into a material society. Where we live too much in the moment and care too much about brands and quantity.

But it can also refer to our penchant to rent. When I was conceiving this post in my mind, I started a week long research project online about rentals, and was surprised to see how many I found. Continue reading to see the highlights of my search, and let me know if you know of some I didn't.

Enter the courtroom:

formerly known as Bag Borrow or Steal

another site where you can rent handbags

yet another site where you can rent bags

where renting shoes is just as easily done as with bags - founded by Kim Kardashian

completing your outfit with the borrowed accessories

But what are you without the clothes?

finally - a complete outfit to solve the Emperor's dilemma

I honestly, haven't tried to use any rental services for anything (not even a car!). Tell me about your experiences. Have you tried any of these websites, or in person stores? Do you plan to? Know someone who has?


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