Mama Said Knock(you)Out!

Photobucket Have I got more nail polish for you! Trying to get back on schedule with all the nifty products and companies I have to present to you, I have to resort to double and maybe even triple a day posts. But y'all like that right?

This one is a-one that should matte-a to you. Corny? Eh...

Remember when KO Knockout was having an event at Henri Bendel and I got my nails done in Ox? If not, click here for a refresher. Well I have two more polishes in my collection of mattes and I felt compelled to share.

All the colors:

product-karen  product-liberty  product-OX  product-Pool  product-Concrete  product-flatte  product-powder  product-calamine
(Left to Right) Karen, Liberty, Ox, Pool, Concrete, Flatte, Powder, Calamine

Click 'Read More' to see more pictures and swatches!

The two that I have are Liberty (left) and Concrete. And here are the lookers themselves!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Check out the fancy packaging . I had to lighten the pic so you can see all the fancy emboss-ment and frosted look. :)

You can also click here to see what Ox looked like on my digits!

I have to say KO Knockout is the brand that has the best matte formula that I've come across. It lasts super long, has a large matte color selection, and has super original packaging.

The most interesting thing about this company is that they post swatches of all their polishes! Granted they don't have hundreds so it's easier, but really - I haven't seen this anywhere else. Click here to check out the looks!

What do you think? Have you tried a matte polish yet?

Care to try KO Knockout?


  • They look like they have a little shine to them. Are they as matte as Zoya's new matte line? I like these colors, but I like how super matte Zoya's are. However, their colors are too dark for my pale skin tone.

  • Oh BTW, my e-mail is, I'm curious because I'm about to order my 1st bottle, or two, of matte & I'm looking at reviews to see who has the best one. If you could get back to me at the above addy, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks Yaya!

  • very pretty!!! the colors are cool and the bottles are so cute! great post!! (i'll stop with the exclamation points now :P)

  • These bottles and colors are adorable. I didn't think I was going to like the whole matte look at first but Zoya has changed that for me but these colors especially Liberty are really making want to invest in more. Very Pretty! Thanks for sharing!

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