What Day is Today?

What day is today? It's Tuesday, so we gotta Talk It Out! But! Today is also Pampering Day!

No - really. Straight from the Oval Offices at PrettyCity.com, Today is National Pampering Day, so do your duty and get yourself pampered.

The Talk It Out Tuesday segment of this post is this: For all you financially savvy recessionistas - how do you pamper on a budget?

I like to do my own nails and toes (esp b/c I like to switch up the color at least twice a week & I'm notorious for peeling my polish - don't scold!) and I'm not a fan of coloring or straightening my hair so that saves a bundle. NaturallyCurly.com has some good ideas for recession proof treatments for curly hair here.

What do you do (inexpensive or expensive...) to pamper yourself?

Here is the image they have to give you some ideas if you need a workplace diversion...

National Pampering Day

Be sure to visit PrettyCity.com to check out great pampering destinations!

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  • If people want to undergo facial and peeling treatments to revive the freshness on their skin and face, it would be better to consult to a medical spa doctor rather than trying on so much cream solutions on your skin and face that somehow may worsen the situation.

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