Finally! Bloggin' Beauts

So how long has everyone waited for me to say something about the Bloggin' Beauts event? To be the cohost and planner, you'd think I'd be right on top of it right? .... crickets

With sensitivity to the fact that many of my readers are not NY based, I have started a new blog for the NYC Bloggin' Beauts. I will probably mercilessly reference the upcoming events and such, but everything else will be on the blog. That kind of treaty work?

Now! Without further ado, I present to you the companies that worked with us. Want more details? Scurry your butt over to the NYC Bloggin' Beauts Blog!

My Pretty Pink Box

and check out the My Pretty Pink Box Blog for updates!

and check out the Jennifer Paige Designs Blog for updates!

check out the Purple Lab Blog here!

check out my Arbonne page to learn more & shop!


check out the Zoya blog here!


check out the Stila blog here!

check out the Thevi blog here!

check out the Tarte blog here!


check the Solerra blog here!


check out the 3Custom Color blog!

Please note that most of these companies are up on the blog craze and are utilizing their blogs to reach out to their customers/fans as well as offer promotional codes and discounts!


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