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Hey guys!

I don't often open up about personal aspects of my life, b/c I prefer to overshare on surface aspects so that I don't find people at my doorway waiting for me and such :)

There are certain things, however, that are very close to my heart, as you are about to find out. Some history: in high school, a friend of a friend decided to honor a teacher that had passed by starting a club in her honor. She had lost a long battle to cancer, and so the Find A Cure club was created to raise funds and awareness for cancer. The first year, we raised $1,000 in a team of 20 or 30. We were some hellraisers I tell ya.

As the friends graduated, Yaya took over the ranks as president, and we continued to raise money for various charities ($2,000 the next year) as well as participate in walks and community service.

Though high school is long gone, the desire to help others isn't. And I hope it's not lost on y'all either.

Introducing: Pure Luxe Benefit Limited Edition colors to raise funds for the founder's mother. Take a peek below at the excerpt from the Benefit page, and click over to order something!

Pure Luxe has affordable products (the sample jars of shadows are $1.00 and more than enough filled with product - at least 15 applications worth), the shipping is cheap & is affordable for international as well, plus the products are super pigmented, and ALWAYS look great.

I wanted to show proof of that but apparently, the computer does not share my desires. Being the resourceful me that I am lol - I did find a user on YouTube that posted two videos of swatches.


The benefit colors were created all for my mom, with 100% of the proceeds going to hospital bills.

These are LIMITED EDITION COLORS, and will never be made or sold again after they are sold out.

I will be donating all of the jars, etc, so 100% of the sales will be donation.
Her biggest dread has been losing her hair. I just couldn't even imagine. As women, our hair is so much a part of who we are :( I told her I would get her any wigs that she wanted.
My dad is retired, and has heath problems of his own. I have helped all I could, but with Bruce's (my husband) recent hospital drama, I am really tapped out on any extra money to do more.

As many of my regular customers may remember, last year I did 2 benefit colors for a friend, Tinkerbelle. She had breast cancer, and her limited insurance did not pay for any of the reconstruction costs, which was $10,000.00
Due to the generosity and compassion of the greatest customers in the world (and all over the world!) We raised over $5000.00, and made the difference!!
This time, it is even closer to my heart, my mom. A special wife, sister, mom, grandma, and lady.

As an added thank you, if you purchase 4 or more BENEFIT items, any of the regular line items you purchase will be 20% off.
To help save some confusion, this is how the % off will work...

  • If you purchase 4 or more of the benefit colors listed on this page, you will be entitled to 20% off anything else you purchase from the Pure Luxe line. (Valid only at the time of purchase.)
  • Of course, the benefit colors will remain at the full price (you will not receive 20% back on these).
  • When your order is received and printed for filling (1-3 days), we will verify you have the 4 benefit items, and calculate the 20% discount for all the other items. At that time, you will receive a refund back for the discounted amount.
  • You will not see the discount at the time you submit your order. Please be patient and it will be refunded back.
  • My biggest secret hope is that I will be flooded with benefit orders :) Please be patient and know that I will be filling orders 24 hours a day if needed.
  • I will be keeping a running tally under each color you let everyone see the volume being sold.


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