Swag Attack!

I've been bad. VISA can tell you that. So can Mastercard. Discover too. But here's what I got to show for it!!

The damage done from the Makeup Show

I also tried a couple of new products through all my lollygagging through the city. I bought two eyeshadows from Terra Shadow. I have been looking at them in the drugstore for a while now but finally got a few to try out. Look at the pics!

Found them in Duane Reade (which is like CVS and Walgreen's in NY). I didn't think they would be sooo pigmented or so bright. I am most definitely going back for more!

Theeen I went to a Beauty Supply store in downtown Brooklyn lol (they are all pretty much one store locations, so I usually don't bother getting the names - sorry!). I tried out Sinful Colors and Profusion lip gloss. Amazing! I am soo addicted now!

Profusion in 10
Sinful Colors in Icy and Wink

Here are the swatches:

Sinful Colors in Wink

I tried it with my super bright light and without it - left side is more realistic colorwise.

Sinful Colors in Icy

Profusion in 10

The only thing I don't like about the Sinful glosses are the applicators:

By now, I think I have probably used up half of the Profusion lip gloss (it reminds me of MAC cream sheen - will have to see if there are dupes), and have big dreams of an amateur photo shoot for the Sinful Colors gloss. Plus they were all super cheap! Nothing over $3.00!

For the indulgent MAC purchase to brighten up a gloomy day, I bought the Dazzleglass in Smile!

So of course I had to smile! lol

Plus the lipgloss is covering a pimple!

Okay no more confessing for a while (I hope).


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