Updates, etc.

Hello my lovely readers!

So as you all have read from a previous post, I am having some health troubles at the moment and they are eye related. I am spending most of my days going back and forth between doctor appointments, so my posting (if any) is not according to schedule, and not daily (which is my usualy modus operatus). Sorry for whatever inconvenience it may cause but my health comes first.

Thanks for the readership - I will make sure to post up tidbits here and there not to leave you starving, but in the meantime - check out my blog list and article lists on the sides for interesting readings, and keep checking back to see all the new changes I am adding to the blog.

What changes? Okay, okay, I'll give you a peek:

1. I am starting to do a more general weekly schedule for posts: here are most of them:

-Misc Mondays (Mondays)
-Let's Review (Wednesdays)
-Ladies & Gents of the Jury (Thursdays)
-Blog Review (Fridays)
-Magazine Weekend (Sat&Sun)

2. The sidebars are awake and a-moving with different banners (ads/discounts/my birthday countdown for SEPT hehe).

3. Did y'all really forget about the contest?! Everything is still on schedule and I am excited to see what everyone thinks of. Remember that the deadline is April 20, 2009. See the rest of the guidelines and details here.

...and many more

Much love,



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