Swag Attack. Part One - Pic HEAVY

Hey y'all

So I was serious when I said swag attack at the end of the month would be some heavy shopping. So much so, that I will have to make it a two day thing b/c really y'all - it takes a while to post these things and to make sure I'm not sitting around by the comp all day long like a loser either. Girl got 2 jobs here remember? Some of the items purchased (i.e. clothes) will almost never make it to swag attack, whereas others are omitted due to either forgetfulness or lack of need (i.e. if I got a double of something etc.). As always - it's a never say never type of situation so terms are always subject to change.

Also: to anyone who is interested in swatches/names leave a comment or e-mail me. Editing and loading these was hard enough without swatching everything and posting all their names - or maybe yo soy muy LAZY! :)

from CVS
deep conditioning/hot oil treatments

random accessories
3 pairs of earrings H&M
ring Aldo
bracelet Urban Outfitters

from Cherry Culture
LA Colors eyeshadow palette
2 Amuse eyeliners (brown, black)
2 Amuse lipglosses

from Duane Reade
Styli-Style lipstain
2 Sally Hansen nail polishes
NYC glitter polish (this one is Rai's fault)
2 Milani powder eyeshadows

from Beauty Supply
Brush-on eyelash adhesive
4 NYX pigments
Nail Polish
Ardell lashes

from Sephora
2 Urban Decay shadows (Asphyxia, Midnight Cowgirl)
4 MUFE Fard Gras Cream Shadow pots (gold, bronze, coral, indigo-ish)

from Walgreens
5 Milani powder eyeshadows
Milani Runway eyeshadow (Lily White)
OPI (You Don't Know Jacques) from Duane Reade

from Urban Outffitters
6 LA Girl Flare nail polishes
4 Medusa eyeshadows

eyeshadow closeup & names

also from Urban Outfitters (sep trip lol)
3 Medusa eyeshadows

Thanks for enabling my habit!
Remember to contact me at
if you are interested in
prices/swatches/shade names/swaps.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow and enter the contest before the time is up!
Also! Remember that all images are clickable for better viewing pleasure.
All pictures were taken on my iPhone due to the technological camera boycott going on in my house (translation - they don't work!)


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