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Hi all!

As I work on creating new series and improving the schedule of the posts for this blog, everything will show up here.

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Misc Mondays:
Misc being the word, start the week off with uncategorized information. What I know - You'll know.

Talk It Out Tuesdays:
To judge accurately, you need to hear the voice of the people, no? Let's talk it out!

Let's Review:
Effective 7/31 this feature will be a random posting compared to posting on Wednesdays in the past. This means I can post a whole Review Week if I want! :)

The judge lays down the law with new products, and she's not afraid to issue a guilty verdict!

Ladies & Gents of the Jury:

Effective 7/31 this feature will be a random posting compared to just Thursdays in the past. The courts are open all week! This day is for you, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, can you act accordingly to the laws of the fashion and beauty world and issue a fair judgment?

Blog Review:

Effective 7/31 this feature will be a rare sighting! This day we pay homage to all courts alike as you are presented with a transcript of the weekly happenings and must reads.

Magazine Weekend (S&S):
I scour the tabloids and mags to bring you the most interesting and amusing tidbits in the world.

Have an idea for a series? Let me know!

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